We are a group of students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who share a passion for microcontrollers, electronics, tinkering and programming. As a club, we organize workshops and hands–on projects for both RPI students and EHC members. Whether you're an experienced pro, an amateur electronics enthusiast or just starting out, The Embedded Hardware Club serves as an avenue for electronics development and project collaboration.
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Club Information

The RPI Embedded Hardware Club holds open shop hours every weekday from 6-8pm in Sage 2202, the Cognitive Robotics Lab. Our workshop is located in the back of the room and is certified for soldering.
Our faculty advisor is Prof. Braunstein.

To view all of our upcomming events, check out our club calendar.

John Drogo

President – John Drogo

Hey! I'm John, a junior CSE CS. I had some electronics experience coming here to RPI, but I was by far more comfortable in the world of code. Already EHC has helped me learn far more than I expected and motivated me to pursue projects that a few months ago I would think impossible! I still love coding, but I'll admit hardware is pretty cool too.

Contact – Areas of Expertise – Programming (C, C++, Obj-C, Python, Bash, etc.), HTML/JavaScript, Computer Systems/Networks, plus a little graphics design, GIMP FOR THE WIN!
Karl Nasrallah

Vice President – Karl Nasrallah

Electrical Engineer, Physicist, and Hardware Hacker, I'm a friend to tech both retro & new, a lifelong experimenter, and extremely thorough. I'll build pretty much anything I think would be cool to have--hoverboards, projectors, Raspberry Pi tablets, you name it!

Contact – Areas of Expertise –High end custom computer design, reverse engineering, audio/video connections, standards, and design, lighting and sound work, physics-based hardware projects, getting random things to work that otherwise shouldn't, MS-DOS and retro hardware
Severin Ibarluzea

Project Manager – Severin Ibarluzea

Hi! My name is Seve. I'm a Computer and Systems Engineer in my junior year. In my freetime, I make web and mobile applications and work on my RCOS project. I love programming and building cool mechanical things. I came to EHC to learn more about electronics and do awesome projects!

Contact – Areas of Expertise – Programming ( Python, Javascript, C++ ), CAD, Ubuntu Linux, Android Development, Web Design, Machining
Mark Blanco

Lab Manager – Mark Blanco

Hello enterprising electrical engineer, computer scientist, or (insert other major here)! My name is Mark Blanco, and I'm a Senior in ECSE/CS. I enjoy building computers, 3D printing stuff, and designing random electronics projects. The EHC has helped me expand my knowlege in hardware design and microprocessor programming, and as an officer I'm happy to share what I know with anyone who needs help!.

Areas of Expertise –Python, C++, Javascript, PHP
Ronald East

Web Administrator – Ronald East

Hey, I'm Ron. I am currently a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering. I enjoy working with embedded systems and robotics. Although I can enjoy a good coding challenge, I much prefer to work with hardware.

Contact – Areas of Expertise –Programming ( Python, C++, C), Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Control
Kianna Brevig

Treasurer – Kianna Brevig

Hi my names Kianna and I'm a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering. In my free time I like playing with electronics and LEDs. I love hardware and am very interested in learning more about software.

Contact – Areas of Expertise –Python, CAD, Microsoft, excell
Tim Chinenov

Operations Officer – Tim Chinenov

I'm Tim! I am an Electrical Engineering student with an interest in robotics and avionics. I joined Embedded Hardware Club as a novice in electronics and have learned an intense amount. I now strive to publisize the club trying to get students from all walks of engineering life to grow an interest in electronics.

Contact – Areas of Expertise –Python, C++, C, Java, VB, HTML, CSS, CAD, Arduino, and Learning things quickly for my projects

Previous Administration

2014–2015 Officers:

President – Forest CrossmanContact –

Vice President – John Drogo Contact –

Treasurer – Kianna Brevig Contact –

Secretary – Karl NasrallahContact –

Lab Manager – Mark Blanco

Project Coordinator – Severin IbraluzeaContact –

Web Administrator – Ronald East Contact –

2013–2014 Officers:

President – Theo PakContact –

Vice President – Soraya FouladiContact –

Treasurer – Forest CrossmanContact –

Secretary – Matt CorsaroContact –

Lab Manager – Ethan SpitzContact –

Project Coordinator – Severin IbraluzeaContact –

Web Administrator – John Drogo Contact –

2012–2013 Officers:

President – Theo PakContact –

Vice President – Lincoln Noggle  

Treasurer – Soraya FouladiContact –

Secretary – Matt CorsaroContact –

Lab Manager – Ethan SpitzContact –

Project Coordinator – Anthony Kouttron  

2011–2012 Officers:

President – Asher GlickContact –

Vice President – David HerbertContact –

Treasurer – Jim KalfasContact –

Secretary – Ethan Spitz Contact –

Lab Manager – Kevin BakerContact –

Website Administrator – Theo PakContact –